Display type
  • Floor stand displays
    Eye-catching, corrugated displays for almost any retail retail environment.
  • Counter display
    Get the consumer’s attention in some of the highest-traffic areas of the store.
  • Pallet displays
    Simple pallet skirts to full displays with integrated trays and packaging.
  • Standees
    Easy to assemble and use,Life-like eye catching shape and graphics.
  • Sidekick display
    Sidekicks are designed to hang on the sides of an end cap display or fixture.
  • Dump bins
    The cases of product simply stack up on the inside of the case stacker.
  • Totem displays
    Easy to assemble,inexpensive to ship and easy on the environment.
  • Cupcake stand
    Good choice for christmas/party/home /festivals decoration.
  • Paper trolley
    Show fully of your brand, to attract more consumer to buy.
  • Packing
    Protect the product and promote the function,suitable for all kinds of products.
  • Series display
    Customizable at the retail level depending upon retail specific capabilities.
  • Hanging
    Hanging in the height to attract attention, to stimulate consumer desire to shop.
  • Paper originality
    Our designers create different interesting paper ideas for you.
POP Display Experts
For over 10 years, Kindvast has been a premier designer and manufacturer of high-quality cardboard POP Displays and Specialty Packaging, including counter and floor displays, brochure holders, and pallet displays.
Our in-store marketing expertise in designing and manufacturing custom corrugated cardboard point of purchase displays and retail packaging will help you sell more of your product.
New Case
  • Handbag project planning
    To meet the market opportunities and new challenges, create a vibrant atmosphere, for the summer to gather popularity, Further improve the influence of handbag,...
    In summer the sea atmosphere, paper display with various decorations, create a new visual effect to attract the attention of consumers, so as to improve the sales of bags.
  • Christmas holiday pallet display:Potato chips
    Let buyers understand the joy of Yummy Yummy potato chips in the activities of the theme of Christmas, while driving sales of goods, emphasizing the breakthroug...
    With Christmas Pallet displayscentered planning regional commodity, Christmas potato products display, Pallet displays prominent among the golden Merry Christmas, pointing out holiday theme, next to Christmas tree is the highest point, with all the trimmings, and on Santa Claus, snowman licensing l...
  • Cosmetics project
    Target consumers in 18 - 25 of college students and women who enter the workplace. Such consumers have a strong independence and great potential to buy. Into th...
    Use of color sweet colourful Duitou, hanging objects, licensing legislation, comprehensive layout, create a princess of romantic and lovely theme atmosphere, through the consumption of consumer orientation of the target population groups of young people the trend will undoubtedly get a huge effect ...
  • Fun chocolate project
    And egg Trolltech chocolate and toy launched a new series of boys and girls, how unique creative promotional won more kids of all ages is the new challenge.
    Back to back paper display as the theme of the hypermarket Duitou, enterprise a cartoon image of the humanoid made cards and arch shaped paper display rack, rich colors and cartoon image, and heighten the atmosphere of strong under, will continue to attract customers eye, drive product sales agains...
  • 2015 GLOBALSHOP exhibition
    Customers have to purchase demand, but the market of similar products so much, we can let customers buy our products, which need to improve the competitiveness ...
    In 2015 March USA kindvast to participate in the globalshop exhibition, the exhibitors are the printing industry leader, as to a kindvast free from arrogance and impetuosity, the warm response, obtained from various countries exhibitors concern.
  • Cool beer project
    To meet the market opportunities and new challenges, create a vibrant atmosphere, for the summer to gather popularity, Further improve the influence of Primus b...
    For consumers, is a young man, we aim at the emotional characteristics of this group of people to brand planning activities, the dissemination of the meaning of our brand, advocate and encourage consumers to choose their way of life -- on the work and career actively, dare to challenge, in the life...
  • Cup Halloween project
    "The trend to" business philosophy, the young fashion consumer, all kinds of strange winning promotions is cup maintenance brand image of the most powerful guar...
    Weird halloween! Halloween themed posters and Duitou layout exhibition, and with discounts. Pumpkin lights, masks, bats and other elements to attract customers to come to shopping to enjoy. Let the customer feel the joy and awesome promotion of Halloween, creating a Halloween feast marketing!
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